And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Us in October....

Have I mentioned how I absolutely love this time of year? you know. I am one of those odd balls who long for the dog days of summer to end and for the cool crisp beautiful autumn season to took a lot longer for it to arrive here in Indiana compared to New Hampshire, (I heard they even have snow already!)

Last night we spent time with our church family. It was Battle of the awesome harvest party with a huge bon fire and hayrides....oh and lots of good chili. 

Our lovies had an absolute blast. I took lots of photos, but since we are still getting to know folks, I did limit taking photos of others, I decided to only post photos of my kids on my blog. (I do try to protect other people's privacy) Our new family will soon get used to me carrying my camera around. In the above photo Nate and Lauren are playing "Ring around the Rosies"....their new favorite game to play cute.  

Their little faces had curious and amazed expressions as they lit the bonfire. I love these sweet moments when I get to witness my lovies getting excited over something as ordinary as lighting a fire. Luke stood there trying to blow it our for a while....he makes me laugh.

Noah of course had a great time. He loves getting together with his buddies. I love the way he naturally steps in and cares for his brothers and sister when we're out and about, even without me having to say anything.  If he sees Luke wander from Mama, he guides him back to me.  He is maturing right before my very eyes....I guess that is what is supposed to happen. Sometimes I just stop and look at him, and can't believe that he's eight already....I am cherishing every moment. Some days my hug lingers extra long, he nestles close and I thank God for him.

The times we get to spend time together as a family mean so much to me.  And we love the fellowship that we are able to have with other believers. People that have embraced our family, truly making us feel so loved and hard to believe that we have only been here for less than three months and yet have been blessed with love from so many.

This Daddy loves his "Littles".....and "The Littles" absolutely love their Daddy....especially when he throws them high into the air. Their giggles are the best....just something about a belly laugh from a toddler....sheer joy! 

As it started getting dark, I put my camera away. I am too lazy to spend time using my camera on manual, adjusting the settings so I can do some cool night photography, (I am not a huge fan of flash photography) some day I will sit down invest time into learning more, but for right now capturing memories is my goal.

Lots of great memories in the making that I am thanking God for.

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  1. Oh that top picture is a keeper! Thanks for your recent comments on my blog.


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