And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Noah's "Man Jewelery".......

 I guess I should never be surprised by my Noah. He has so many sides to many ways he chooses to express himself.

He's beautiful and creative and as he is growing older I am appreciating his need for artistic outlets in different ways every day.

Some days he draws, on other days he is taking photos, or perhaps he has us all sit an listen to a song that he has written and plays on his guitar.

He'll go through a period where he will write short stories with his own illustrations. And there are days when he makes up a movie and wants us all to watch him perform.

On this particular day, Noah wanted to make jewelery....."man jewelery" he called it...which made me smile.

And he did it. Grabbed my beading bag, picked out his colors. His eyes lit up when I showed him the arrow head that I have had for quite some time. He thought it was perfect.

With some minimal help from me, he was extremely pleased with the finished piece. He went to the mirror to take a look....I am smiling just thinking about his face.

I so enjoy spending time with my Noah. I am thankful for his life and that I am a prominent part of it. After all, we get to hang out all day every day together.

I love watching him mature....growing into a young man. I know, I know he's only seven. But there are some days he seems older than his years. 

He is my sweet boy laying on the floor making sound effects as he is playing with his star wars guys....and the next minute he is reading to his brothers and sister or leading prayer during our family devotions.

I could go on. I am not implying in anyway that he is flawless, in fact his argumentative nature gets him heaps of trouble on most days....but God is doing a mighty work in his heart and it is a blessing to watch this process.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On the verge of "Toddlerhood"......

Luke is approaching the 10 month mark....which in this household means the beginning of Toddlerhood....sniff....already? 

Believe me you, I am all about stealing as many snuggles as this mama can get...because once this little guy lets go, he will be "gone"...on the go....ready to move. 

And I will be frantically chasing him all day helping him to dodge major injury. He's been pushing his "wheels" around quite steadily the past couple of days. Let me tell you, this little guy thinks he is cool stuff. 

Is it selfish of me if I'm not ready to let him "go" just yet?  Regardless....Luke is my baby...and he always will be....even while I am trying to catch my breath chasing him as he runs circles around his mama.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I have a little Nester.....

Look at that sweet face. This is one of Nate's favorite things to do....he likes to pile blankets up and burrow in them. Sometimes on the floor..sometimes on pieces of furniture. When he wants to do this he always asks if he can "play mess". After doing some reading on autism, I have learned that it is not uncommon for kids to want to have pressure applied to them for various reasons.....for Nate....this just makes him so happy. So if you would stop by my house it would not be uncommon to see every blanket in our house lying on our living room floor. It is actually super fun for all of the kids.....but especially for Nate. His little piles remind me of nests....that's why I call him my "little nester." These photos were taken at my Mom and Dad's on our last visit back to PA. I am thankful my Mom has embraced Nate's nests and enjoys watching him "play mess"......I love this kid!  I even caught my Dad laying in Nate's nest on the's a family thing {grin}

Not every morning begins peacefully like this one .....

....but oh how I wish they did!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Superheros need an education too......

Homeschooling Noah......

...never a dull moment

The other morning I walked past the homeschool room and to my surprise saw Spider Man sitting there doing his writing lesson.

My kids make me smile.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Time Out Box.....

....just kidding

Cardboard box + 3 Cochran kids = hours of fun

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