And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Luke has something to say......

Just a little boy who wanted to thank his Pap Pap and Mi Mi for his new fire engine red rocking chair.

One of the cutest words Luke says is "rocking chair".....I smile every time I hear his sweet munchkin voice say it.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Essential Foundations to Being A Kid.....

In our home, one of the perks of being a kid is the encouragement one has to guiltlessly lick the spoon after helping mama bake brownies.....and enjoying every moment of the chocolaty goodness.

Sometimes I miss being a kid....*smile*

At least I can get a "sweet" kiss from my messy boy.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sharing My Little Moments.....

 Life is made up of all kinds of moments....right? There are the big moments that are burned into our memories forever....some are wonderful, like a wedding or the birth of a child....and some moments are illness or the death of a loved one. Either way, it's the big stuff in life and we all experience life changing moments.....but what about all of the other "little" moments that make up the rest of our time.....what do we do with those?

Over time I have come to embrace certain moments in life that may seem rather small and maybe even insignificant to know, the little moments that make up most of our lives. Being a mama has helped me to appreciate life.....all of it.  

In my daily life there are a lot of little moments that make me smile and even melt my heart....and I don't want to forget them, so I try to enjoy them as they are happening. What about the challenges I face each day too?...Yes, I want to be thankful for those as well....because even the difficult moments can be a blessing from God if we choose to look at them that way, (that's a whole other post!) It is sometimes through those difficult moments where I cling to God and notice His presence more. 

Savoring special moments, may seem silly to some....well, then I'm silly. One of my favorite little moments are the times when all four of my lovies are surrounding me on the couch as I read to them.....I seriously tear up over this while it is happening. I don't ever want to forget how we all squash together so everyone can see the pictures in the book. I love everything about that moment....and I love it while it is happening.  I don't want to take anything in life for recognizing life I am saying Thank You to my heavenly Father, for all His grace in the moments that I live.

The following photos are from the other day....just a rainy day at home. We started off with a first time ever, Breakfast Picnic. My kids are all about picnics...indoor and out. Hard to believe that we have had two outdoor picnics in January!

Anywho, we spread out a blanket picnic style and I kept breakfast simple with toast, cereal and fruit.

This is a photo of Lauren praying. She is giving thanks to God for our picnic....and a bunch of other stuff. I absolutely love listening to the prayers of my lovies....they are sweet and a lot of the time comical. I had my camera in hand while she was praying and couldn't resist snapping a shot.

If you think something looks different on're right. He just got a haircut...super short. I prefer it longer....but either way he is super cute. He was looking a bit shaggy in recent days. His hair grows so fast...just like his mama's. I just got 15 inches cut off of my hair. At first Nate wasn't pleased, because he always played with my long hair....but now he says he likes it.

If you like chubby hands with dimples raise your hand. I know Luke's hands won't look like this forever, but they are frozen in time in our digital library. I just noticed his pinky in the classy of him. I must be rubbing off. (Stop laughing Eva)

Ok...this is the look my oldest son gives me when he realizes that I have been taking pictures. Seriously...he should be used to it by now.  Besides, when I go through his photos from his camera card he has some photos when he must have been in stealth mode. Even I didn't  know he was taking them. There were a few of my backside that I was not too pleased with....of course Noah thought that he was hilarious.....and that's Noah for ya.

Notice how the strawberries are in the bowl. Notice how Luke is looking at the strawberries in the bowl.

Now notice the strawberries dumped out on the tray. I will give you three guesses who did it and the first two don't count.  Seeing a neat bowl of berries was just too much of a temptation for him I suppose.

Later in the day:
....and yes we had a jammie it! apparently my kids thought popcorn could only come from a bag in the microwave. I used to use my airpopper all of the time....but it was packed away years ago when we moved to New England and has recently resurfaced as we are still unpacking here in Indiana.

Notice Luke yawning at the all of the excitement of waiting for the popcorn to pop.

Still waiting...they look rather bored and perhaps confused as to why I told them that they were going to love this. They know that I would never lie to they know there is hope that this may be entertaining after all.

Noah was first to sight the popcorn....he can hardly contain his excitement. 

Now the others are catching on....well, everyone but Luke, he still is thinking that this is lame. 

And Applause all around.....giggling from "the Littles" as well.

I love this photo of Nate....sheer joy....this boy loves popcorn....can you tell?

So now onto the couch to enjoy a healthy snack. During our devotion that morning, we read about Moses leading the Isrealites out of Egypt, so Noah had the idea to watch a DVD that told this story. (Thank you to my sis-n-law for giving us this DVD!) It was a perfect 25 min. way to spend our snack time.  The kids loved it and asked to watch it again as soon as it was over. not yell at me...Luke is getting his haircut this afternoon....I promise! And I have no idea what kind of funk is on his face.

Noah's younger siblings are always mooching off of him...especially Luke. So he graciously shared his popcorn with his baby brother.

Here is a little "Pay It Forward" for ya as Luke shares his popcorn with his sister. And no, my children are not always this sweet with one another.....but I sure love it when they are!

So.....this was just  a little peek into our day. Nothing major or monumental, but I was thankful to be right where God had called me to be.  Just encouraging you to stop and enjoy right where God has you....there is someone or something special in your life today that can make you smile....don't miss it!

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Little Mama....

This little mama loves to rock her baby in her new rocking chair.....

.....and I love watching this little mama cuddling and feeding her baby.

Lauren's sweet rocking chair was a Christmas gift from Jared's parents....she is really enjoying it.....thank you.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Little Boy.....

 I have a little boy who is not a baby anymore.....even though I still call him my baby.

I am amazed at his imagination.....

I smile as I listen to his truck sound effects.....

His chubby little hands are a joy to watch as he maneuvers his machines.....

He is content and happy playing with his new toys.....

It's not often that I would describe a child as truly being content.....but in this moment Luke really was. It made me ask I content with all that God has blessed me with, or am I always wanting more?

My prayer is that God will work in me, and that I will be content in all things.....being thankful right where God has me. Whether that be at home on a good day with my lovies or up all night with a sick little one. Circumstances shouldn't rule my contentment....the Love of Christ in my heart should. 

It's amazing the thoughts that are provoked simply by watching an 18 month old little boy play with his toys. lovies have a way of talking to my heart, even if they don't realize it. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I love fresh starts.

I love Jesus.

I love my husband and my 4 little lovies.

I love being a wife and a mama.

I love my family and the time we were able to visit while back in PA.

I love savoring the small but sweet moments in life.

I love keeping this online journal, helping to preserve many of the precious God-given moments in my life and the life of my family.

I love the fact that some of you like to read about and see photos of our helps motivate me to share about our life.

I love looking forward to a new year.....of memories waiting to be made.
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