And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Life Lately.....

It is way too late and I should be in bed....but I was going through my photos that I have taken this past week and felt the urge to share some of them on a couple of posts before I headed to bed.

Life lately has been good....but really busy.....something that I am not used to, but I am adjusting.  Our house looks totally moved in, that is until the garage door is opened, only to reveal the plethora of boxes.... still needed to be unpacked.....sigh.  Since we've started school, not a whole lot of unpacking has taken place..."slowly but surely"....I just keep telling myself.

The weather here has been gorgeous which has meant we have been spending our afternoons outdoors....we even did some school outside of the many perks of homeschooling. You can see in the photos that our play gym is now up....and our lovies are having a blast on it.  We still have to build the sandbox that goes under the main tower....a favorite to all four.

All is well with Jared as he is getting settled into his new faculty position. He gave his first mid- term last week....I looked it over as he was putting it together and was thanking God that I did not have to take Biochemistry!  He is really looking forward to getting into his lab and doing the wet science that he so loves.

We are enjoying our life here in Indiana and are really getting to know folks as we spend time with different families from our church.....such a huge blessing.  These people are warm hearted and just as an added blessing, lots of them are huggers.....this is a big deal for someone who loves hugs!

I have been attending a Bible study one evening a week. We are studying the book of James. It still amazes me how nourished I feel after being fed God's Word....and the fellowship I am able to  have with my sisters in Christ has been very uplifting....there is just something beyond special when we bow our heads together and pray...and I know that some of them are praying for me throughout the week.

School is going well as we are getting into a daily groove which is nice....although we do have a schedule, I do hold to my motto which is..."life happens, so just go with it"....hey, it works for me, especially on those days where life really does happen and we have to adjust.

Hope these photos bring a smile to your face....they did mine.

I love this last photo. This is what made me run in the house and grab my camera. I savor the  sweet moments in life....and this day was definitely one of them. 

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