And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Saying Goodbye to My Sisters....

Dear Sisters,

Five and a half years ago I arrived in New England with my husband, two year old son and three month old baby boy.  I knew not a soul. I was many miles from home and terribly homesick. I was loving life with my hub and two little ones....but I missed my family more than words could describe. 

By God's amazing providential plan I met each of by one...and one by one my life was blessed by each of you. God met me where I was and fulfilled a need in me, a need that wasn't realized until the friendships with each of you bloomed.

Among my sisterhood include a beautiful array of  loveliness that encapsulate biblical womanhood....some further on their journey than others...but none the less all traveling on this road. I am overflowing with nuggets of wisdom that I have gleaned from you and your love for our LORD, through the way in which you serve your husbands, your children and others around you.

I pray that a piece of each of you is woven into the threads that make up who I am as a woman. I have been blessed beyond measure with the love that each of you has shown to my family in all of the graceful acts of service.

Thank you for laughing with me...for crying with me...for praying with and for me...for encouraging me...for directing me into God's Word...for loving me.

All of you have cradled my newborns in your arms and have loved on all of my lovies as they have grown.....and I thank you deeply for showing your affection....for loving my four precious little people.

My heart aches as I say good-bye. I will miss you and your sweet families....all of the smiling faces of your children that I will not be able to see grow up.  

I will pray for all of you and your families and I truly hope to keep in touch over the years. Our God is an amazing and faithful God and as I say good-bye to all of my beautiful sisters in Christ here in New England....I eagerly await the moment that I will meet other beautiful sisters on this journey God has me on.

I Love You.


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