And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Enjoying the "Lasts".....

 With less than two weeks remaining here in New England, I can't help but be aware of all of the "lasts", that we as a family are experiencing....

There is going to be the last time we visit our favorite park...the last view of Sunday Mountain from our front porch...the last time the kids get to play in the yard here...the last swim in the pond...the last dinner we will have with friends who are like family to us...the last Sunday we will worship at our church...the last walk we will take on our lane...and the last night in the farmhouse.

If I ponder too much about all of these "lasts", then I get caught up in the whole sadness of saying goodbye to our lives here in this beautiful area of our country. God's grace, I really am looking forward to living our lives in Indiana...a whole new chapter for us....a whole new set of "firsts."

The first friends my lovies meet...the first park we play at...the first day of playing in our  back yard...the first time they ride their bikes around our new neighborhood...the first time we worship at our new church...the first dinner we have with brothers and sisters in Christ we will meet...and the first night in our new house.

Yes...I am is going to be very sad the day we leave, but I am so thankful for this attitude that God has placed in my heart. I am hoping that our lovies will transition well to their new is wonderful to see them so excited.

The following photos are from our last fourth of July in New England.   It was just the six of us celebrating the holiday...a very special day for our family.

Our four little lovies stood safely on the front porch while Daddy shot off bottle rockets.  He opted against shooting off his own fireworks like he did last year...which made me a happy mama.

They were a hootin' and a hollerin' with each one. It was so funny to watch their reactions. I was thinking..."if they're excited now, I can't wait to see what they're like with the big ones we're going to see!"

After the awesome fireworks display by my hubs, (thanks Babe), he showed off his grill master skills. 

We enjoyed dinner outside on the porch and then headed out to a golf course just a few minutes away for the big show.  Of course the minute we arrived, they ran around and around as if we had kept them in a cage the whole day....Jared and I just sat there and laughed.

Of course we stopped on the way for some ice cream to enjoy. This little lady loves her ice cream...after she is done with hers, she is always mooching off of everyone else...and how in the world could we ever say no to that face....I mean seriously!

 Noah was keeping tabs on Luke while they ran around. It's so fun to watch this little guy try to keep up with the big boys.

 Just a little bit of brother lovin' going on here. I hope to do a post on Noah and Nate's relationship is actually quite fascinating to Jared and I.

 There just may be a cutie in pigtails who loves her big brother....but I have no idea why I would possibly think that!

I love this profile of Noah...although I do feel a bit guilty that I have let his hair get this fluffy...until he gets a haircut, Jared has nicknamed him, "Fluffhead."

And....four sweet faces that I love more than words can describe.

They all loved the fireworks. It was quite a sight...even Luke stayed awake and really enjoyed them. As we were all snuggled in around the blanket, Jared looked over at me, reminding me that this was our last fourth of July here...and I just smiled at him, knowing how he felt. I am just so grateful for all of these wonderful memories of our life here together.

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  1. Oh such sweet pictures. The one of Noah and Nate together is my absolute favorite. That last one looks like it might belong on your next Christmas card :-)


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