And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sharing A First.....

These photos were taken at my parents' home where we were visiting the past couple of weeks. The beautiful young lady you see with Lauren is my niece Olivia who lives right next door to Grandma and Pap Pap.

We are able to spend alot of our time with Liv during our visits. She is such a huge help with all of my lovies. I've tried to convince my sister to share her with me and let me take her home for a while....but she just won't give her up!

Lauren and Olivia have a special kind of relationship. It is very sweet. Both are outnumbered by brothers and are the only girl in their family. Olivia has always loved doing the girlie things with Lauren....picking out her clothes, finding just the right hair pretty (a.k.a bow), and desiring to paint little finger nails. 

I love being able to share "firsts" with others. What is a first?  Well to me it when one of my lovies does something for the very very first time in their life. All of the firsts are special to matter how small it may seem to others.  This is one reason I have really come to embrace this world of blogging....I can share a first with my family and friends who are miles away.

There are the typical first word, first step, first tooth. For me I can't help but notice all of the firsts in the lives of my lovies all of the time. Just simple little moments that make me live through their eyes.  Yes I am sappy and sentimental....that is just who I am.  My hope chest is bursting with things from my past....things that I have kept that have meant something to me. I think this is one of the reasons that I love taking is helping me remember in years to come of a moment that may have otherwise been forgotten. I also journal quite a bit....a legacy I hope to pass on to my lovies.

They are so fascinated by the world around them. All of my lovies are little explorers which is wonderful, (but makes for a very busy mama.) I remember the first time Lauren held a flower...something so simple, but it was a beautiful moment that I will never forget. Watching her little chubby hand grasp the gold petals, never having felt the velvety softness before....then watching her eyes grow...she was so curious and amazed. I showed her how to smell it and stroked it on her cheek so she could feel how delicate it was.  I am not talking about remembering the exact date....but remembering the special moment.

Lauren had her nails painted for the first time in her was a blessing to share that first with Olivia.  No matter how fast my lovies grow...they will forever be experiencing firsts in their lives....and right now while I have them close I am really trying to enjoy these moments...special God-given moments that will always be precious in this mama's heart. 

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