And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baby Luke....

For those of you who know me know that I'm a total sap. And what I mean by that is I am a cryer...I admit it. I like to cry. It doesn't take much for the faucet to start flowing. 

Basically I cry for every emotion...that may seem strange to some...but that is just me. Whether I am overjoyed, saddened, excited, proud, upset, nervous....I cry.

It used to annoy me that I cry all of the time....but I have come to accept that I am just an emotional person, I am a cryer. I love life....and it's ok to cry when something moves me.

My sweet husband loves me with or without tears....bless his soul. (Don't forget he's had to deal with all the emotional stuff through all of my pregnancies....he's a keeper!)

Ok onto the my baby Luke is going to turn one next month....deep breath...and I am kind of having a hard time with this. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy each stage of childhood that my lovies go through, (as challenging as some of them are)....but he's my baby and he 
just. keeps. growing. 

I know that I have been blessed with each one of my lovies...and God knows I cherish them. Our quiver is full, (exact words from my hub), so once Lukey leaves babyville and enters toddlerville....that's it. 

I have embraced motherhood....this is my calling....being a wife to Jared  and a mother to our lovies. So I am trying to pull myself together and embrace the fact that my baby is going to be a year old soon and I will keep right on enjoying every single day.

This little guy has brought our family so much joy. Jared and I are always curious about what kind of personality each one of our lovies will have. It's usually around this age where they really become their own...and their personality blossoms.

 This post was a bit longer than what I had planned, but anywho, I'll make it longer by adding a sappy poem I wrote for my baby. It's about his babyness (I know that's not a word, but you know what I mean) I didn't write about all of the big boy stuff he does now...I'll do that on his 1st birthday post. 

Oh and Dad you might want to grab a tissue....(we all know where I inherited the sappiness you)

Baby Luke

Pondering and Praying
Watching you grow

To my sweet baby Luke
I thought you should know

Your breath on my face
Your hands in my hair

I cuddle you close
No feelings compare

Nucky in your mouth
Little bear held tight

Curious and wondering
Eyes so blue and bright

Kisses from your brothers
From Sissy a sweet embrace

Chubby Little fingers 
And a chubby little face

Taking in these moments
Before life passes by

Savoring our snuggle time
While trying not to cry

Holding on to my baby
But I know that it's time

Time for me to give thanks
To my God for this joy

For this baby He gave me
Who will soon be a big boy

I love you so deeply
My precious little son

This I thought you should know
before you turn one

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  1. Lisa, I am so with you! Cody is my last baby, and it's going fast. I love holding him and watching him sleep. Feeling him breathe. His funny noises. His biting my chin. His smell. His smile when he sees me. So many special moments. And I think of Kyle. Already 16. Almost going to college. Boy, do I shed tears thinking about how quickly it's gone. It's all good, but I wish I could hold onto some of those times again or a little longer.


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