And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Friday, May 13, 2011

Music to my ears......

One of my favorite sounds is hearing Noah playing his guitar.....especially when  accompanied by lyrics.  He has not had any formal lessons as of yet. His Daddy has showed him the basics.

Formal lessons will begin most likely in the Fall. Right now I just love how he enjoys strumming (open G)....he actually sounds really good, thankfully.  Jared smiles from ear to ear when Noah plays.....and he always says that maybe he'll grow up and be a worship leader....we'll see.

We encourage our lovies' passions. No one is ever too young to be passionate about something....but as parents we try to harness that passion into something edifying.

God blesses each of us with an array of different gifts and talents....and it is a blessing to be able to use those gifts and talents to honor and glorify God.

I learn so much from individuals who are passionate about's as if their love and enjoyment  for what ever it may be, rubs off on those around them. I am always searching for inspiration and encouragement, and I love how God weaves people into my life from whom I am able to glean pieces of wisdom.

 For me, I am passionate about being a homemaker....might seem like an odd thing to be passionate about....but, it's so true. Oh and photography...I'm addicted to taking pictures!

As for my Noah....for his age he is passionate about so many things, and I know as he matures he will tune in on something that will really make him thrive...and I am excited to see God do a mighty work in him.

Inspiration even comes from my 7 yr. has been so long since I have played my guitar....something I used to really enjoy doing....but since having my lovies, I haven't played very much. And every time I see him playing and enjoying his guitar, it makes me want to join in....and maybe some day soon I just might.

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