And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Baby Luke Turns One Today....

 Exactly one year ago today, God blessed Jared and I with lovie number four.  Three excited siblings welcomed Luke William into this world with hugs and kisses and still haven't stopped smothering him with love.....I have a feeling this little guy will never lack for affection.

I wanted to take this time to write a few things to my baby.....
(...deep breath...)

.....You made me smile the moment you were laid on my chest.... and I am still smiling

.....You and I are rarely apart

.....You still like to make your adorable snoot

.....You eat mass quantities of blueberries everyday

.....You are a great napper...thank you

.....You are our earliest talker...saying lots of words already 
(Of course my favorite word to hear you say is "Mama")

.....You love love love to be outside

.....You like to zoom your matchbox cars around on the floor...just like your big brothers

.....You like to hold baby dolls and pat their backs...just like your big sister

.....You still cry every time I leave the room

.....You loved to be giggle so hard that you fall down

.....You love to play in the water

.....You are going through a hitting phase right now 
(and you think you're hilarious)

.....You fall asleep in my arms every night
(and I have absolutely no plans for that to change any time soon)

.....You already like to wrestle with your Daddy

.....You love music and you love to dance

.....You are still nursing and have never had a bottle ever

.....You are very ticklish and have the sweetest sounding giggle

.....You are into everything all of the time

.....You sleep with a nucki and a little bear blanky 

.....You are just now starting to enjoy being read to 
(One of my favorite things to do with my lovies)

.....You have beautiful blue eyes and are so observant

.....You sometimes act shy when someone new talks to you

.....You call your big brother Noah..."Wowa"
(and his heart melts every time)

.....You never wore a pair of shoes until you were 10 mos. old

.....You love to brush your teeth, and you stand really still and let me help

 .....You LOVE ice cream
(which is not surprising since you are related to my mother)

.....You fold your chubby hands when we pray together as a family
(one of the cutest things ever!)

.....You love to be naked

.....You love chocolate...just like Mama
(that's obvious by these photos)

.....You are obsessed with the phone

.....You love to be cuddled....and I love to cuddle you

.....You totally have your Daddy's smile

.....Your crib is in our room
(I love having you close)

.....You have brought us so much joy and we feel completely blessed by God to have you in our lives. I love being your Mama and I love you so sweet baby Luke.

Happy 1st Birthday to my beautiful son 


  1. Oh what a great post! Congrats to you, Mama! So many great pictures but the second one of Luke and the second one of all four kids are my favorites! Nate has such good eye contact with the camera and he really seems to watch his big bro. Seems amazingly typical for a kid on the spectrum! Also it's so cute that Luke already folds his hands to pray with you.

  2. Love you Lukie!! Such a fabulous post!!! Hope your days was filled with blessings!! Come home soon and play:)

  3. Lisa, this post made my day. I needed it. Thanks for sharing your family with us. :)
    And yes, other people will love your kids when you move. Love, love, LOVE them.


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