And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Love You Daddy......

A few words for my Daddy.....

We all have different qualities that make up who we are....and I wanted to point out a few of your many qualities that speak volumes in my life.  

I can never remember a time in my life when you weren't there when I needed you.  You worked very hard while I was growing up providing for our family, (and still to this day are a hard worker.)

And even in the midst of working doubles....I always knew if there was anything...anything at all that I needed you would be there.  I still feel that way to this very day....something I do not take for granted but feel very fortunate in having a Dad who would do anything for one of his children....and grandchildren.  

You were the type of Dad that always made me feel safe....I never remember feeling afraid as a child.  Now, as an adult, I can look back and realize how important having that security in my upbringing has been.  I now understand how vital it is for a child to feel that safety and security....especially from their father.

I can honestly say that to this day I have never met a person who so thoroughly enjoys doing things for other people. You just seem to go that extra mile to help someone out.....and lots of times you don't get the thank you that you deserve.....but that never deters you from continuing to give your time to someone who is in need.  

I can give a plethora of examples of you completely going out of your way, and above and beyond what is expected. Just to name a few that are special to me:  

For many years you worked extremely hard at providing the best back yard fire works display I have ever seen....everyone loved them...and you never got to enjoy them yourself, you were always so busy making sure everyone else would be safe and enjoy them. You're enjoyment came from seeing your friends and family having a good time.

Being a jack of all are always,  fixing, building, or installing something or other for someone.  I don't know how one person can know so much about the things you do.....but all of us who you have helped out one way or another sure are grateful for you sharing your gifts and talents.

And one thing that has always pulled on my heart strings is the way you have dedicated so much of yourself in being a part of something one of your grandsons is passionate about, and that is the life of "hockey."  Nothing less than a true blessing you have been in Mavrik's are his biggest fan. Your support and encouragement through these years will in no doubt have an unparalleled influence to the man He will grow to be.

Oh...and one more thing. Thank you for being the kind of Dad who would have all 4 of his kids in the station wagon and while Mom was in doing the grocery shopping would do  donuts in the parking lot......good times....great memories!

I Love You....Happy Father's Day.


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