And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where Has The Time Gone?.....

 Since moving to Indiana just a few months ago, I look back and think....just where has the time gone? I mean Thanksgiving is just around the corner....which means Christmas is going to be here before we know it.  Only a couple of months left in hard to believe. And oh my what a year it has been for this family!

I love to journal....if you haven't figured that out by now {smile}.  And this blog is just online photo journal if you will. I am trying to capture life, the simple and perhaps mundane to some....but to me I count it all as precious, life is a blessing.  Since most of our family and friends are miles away, I love the fact that it is so easy share with those who want to see every  haircut and new tooth, as well as preserving these memories for our lovies to have when they are older and have families of their own. (You can get a blog printed into a book form. It would be nice to have as a hard copy to pass along through the generations.)

So this post is to let you know what we have been doing with our time these days. Enjoy the photos of Noah and Nate building clocks from a bunch of bits and pieces with their Daddy.....they both love to build things, so this was a perfect way to help reinforce to Noah, the concept of telling time....and a great way to introduce Nate to this concept.....yea, we're total homeschoolers. 

Jared is settling in with his new job. He is crazy busy.....but always home in time for dinner....something that I try not to take for granted. I appreciate the days he wakes up extra early so that he can be home to spend the evenings with us. 

I always say a prayer for his students....not because I think Jared is a hard professor.....just because I feel bad that they are taking Biochemistry....I'm so thankful that those days are over for me. And yes....since Jared is the scientist, he does science with our lovies for school!

Ok, I am going to be serious for a minute. I do have to say, that even though what Jared does is 98% over-my-head......his zeal for science is pretty inspiring. He actually gets excited about this stuff......and I love that about him.  God has opened His eyes in a mighty way.....Jared is in awe over God's complexity and intricate design. Jared deals with proteins, enzymes and microtubules....(and yes, I had to ask him how to spell that last one.)  And he does alot of other important sciency things too, (ok, I just made that word up). 

Noah can't wait until he gets to work in Daddy's lab with him. Awesome friends that Jared went to grad school with just sent 4 white lab coats, with each of our lovies names on them. How cool is that. Instead of 4 little lovies I will have 4 little nerds....that was a joke for my sweet husband. And thank you Troy and Lisa for those lab coats.....I will definitely be posting a photo of them!

Noah keeps busy and spends his time working on school, playing outside and climbing trees....of course. Right now we are studying the Revolutionary War and he is  interested in the guns and different weapons that were used.....not surprising that this is his main interest. He attends the Dangerous Boys Club on Wednesday evenings, and loves to get together with his buddies. He likes to whittle with his Daddy's pocket knife and is currently taking guitar lessons.  He can be such a big help with the little ones. He is at a really interesting age...trying to find his place, and is really maturing in some areas, but still that little kid with a vivid imagination.

Nate is growing like a weed....they all are. His two top front teeth are really loose....they'll be out by Christmas I am guessing. I don't know why, but I think kids look so adorable when they have their two front teeth missing.....not as attractive on an adult though.  He loves playing outside, and has also taken to climbing trees, however, he is not quite as dangerous as Noah. Nate goes to a group on Wednesday evening called "Little Lambs" and loves it. He is doing great with school and is reading really well. His mind and the way he thinks is quite fascinating to say the least. He is still into legos, is taking piano lessons,  and is a movie buff. I think he asks to have family movie night just about every day. know the little girl who had two broken legs less than two months ago....yea her, well you would never know it now. She is running and jumping like an energetic two year old. She is finally potty trained....only one left in diapers. I though I would be sad once I was down to only one in diapers...but no, it's actually kind of nice!  She loves her books (Beatrix Potter is her favorite author) and her wooden puzzles. She spends much of her time playing with her babies and trying to convince Luke to let her hold is quite a sight when he crawls up on her lap, he is such a chunk. She is a little mother hen at heart.....which melts this mama's heart. 

Luke is chubby....and so cuddly. He is still in toddler mode, and those of you with toddlers, or those who can remember those days are smiling right now I'm sure.  Just click on Luke's name on the side bar and you will see what he has been up to. I have photos of him dumping out the crayons, destroying legos, and being a messy eater. What I do not have photos of are of Luke unplugging my vaccuum half a dozen times while I am trying to sweep, playing in the toilet, stepping out on the front porch and ringing the door bell over and over again, throwing a glass across the dining room, shattering it into a million pieces....just for fun, and um let's see...oh yea, pressing the bright blue button on our computer tower, usually while someone is using it.  If I am going to be fair....he does love books and likes to color and play babies with his sister. He also likes to dance and do splits. 

As for me.....I am still trying to play catch-up from the move. Yes...we still have boxes in our garage that have yet to be unpacked. However, as time moves along we are feeling more and more settled. I spend most of my time being a homemaker....a God-given role that I feel truly honored to  fulfill....only by the grace of God of course.  Just trying to keep the house in order, meals on the table, cleaning and laundry done, (ok, so my laundry is never really actually done), planning our homeschool lessons and of course homeschooling our kids. Making sure that I spend time with my sweet husband and most importantly that I am getting into The Word everyday. It totally shows when my devotional time is weak.  And with all of my extra time, I like to read and try to journal often and of course try to keep up with my blog. 

I am planning to do an upcoming homeschool post. Just a little something to help answer some questions about what is it that we actually do.  Lauren and Luke of course are too young for anything overly structured. We just do alot of reading, coloring, playdough, puzzles and pretend play. Although they can be a handful, they really are at fun ages. 

Jared and I each attend a Bible study once a week and host small group in our home each Sunday after church. I know I've said it before, but we are so very thankful for the family away from family that we have been blessed with. It is always difficult moving to an area where you don't really know anyone. But the families at our church have been so warm, and it has been great getting to know folks. 

We get together with other families for dinner at least once a week, which is a huge change for us. I was shamefully lacking in my hospitality skills, and basically didn't make too much of an effort to have people over on a regular basis. Not that I am the hostess with the mostess by any means....but I now see the necessity in making an effort in getting together with others on a regular basis to help in building strong friendships. Yes, it can be alot of work...but is it worth it...absolutely. 

I know this was a lengthy post. I do this every once in a while....felt like the time was right. Especially since the holidays will be fast approaching, and although I do plan to post often, it will mainly be just of our everyday photos.

Enjoy the remainder of these photos. Both boys have their clocks proudly displayed on each of their dressers.  I love these times they get to spend with their daddy. 
Time is going to keep moving forward, and I will hold these photos precious in helping to enjoy these memories for many years to come. 

I love these five special people that God has blessed me to share my life with....and I need to remember each day, never to take this life for granted....but to be thankful in all things. 

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  1. We made this clock when Kyle was younger. Talk about time going fast. Love your updates, and so glad all is well.


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