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2 Corinthians 12:9

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Soldier, Mario, A Fairy, and a Puppy......Oh My!!

 Although Jared and I aren't overly crazy about this holiday, we do allow our lovies to dress up and collect some loot from our friendly neighbors.  We aren't into the whole ghouls and goblins thing, we don't decorate or make a big production on this day....just some fun costumes and smiling faces for a couple of hours.  We walked around the neighborhood as a family with another family who live just a few houses down the road from us. It was actually a great way for us to meet alot of our neighbors that we hadn't met before....and our lovies had a great time.

Noah is so proud of his Uncle Shawn who is in the army. He really wanted to be an army soldier, and he was ultra excited when his Daddy surprised him with this get up.  He has really been into the the whole military theme since he is involved with a group at our church known as "The Dangerous Boys Club." So this costumes suits him to a T.

My Mom and Dad got our lovies a Wii sometime last year....and just last month Noah and Nate received Mario Brothers in the mail as a birthday gift from their Grandma and Pap Pap. And although we are not fans of video games, we do set aside 30 min. a few days a week for Nate to play Mario Brothers....and he loves it. He was thrilled to pretend to be Mario for the fact, he wore it again today. And the kicker is that we have to call him Mario when he is in costume. When he put his name at the top of his math page this morning....he wrote Mario....he cracks me up.

Of course our only girl had to be something "girlie." Lauren is not picky and was happy to wear this sweet fairy costume given to us by cousin Taylor. Nate didn't care what Lauren was going to long as she was something pretty....I think we succeeded in having a very pretty fairy.  I thought the highlight of her outfit were her pink sparkly sneakers she was given for her 2nd birthday.

And this little puppy was making us all melt....not only did he look cute, he has the cutest little bark too!  He and Lauren rode in the wagon at the beginning of the evening, but then decided that he wanted to be a big boy and walk to the door like everyone else. It was so funny to see this little short stack strut up to the houses and collect some candy. 

So it was a fun evening, the weather was perfect and no one got a belly ache from eating too much candy. Jared took half of it to work today....and we still have a ton left.  It brought back memories of my little sister and I going around our neighborhood as was sweet to reflect on a  special memory from my childhood.

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  1. Watching the little ones trying to trick or treat is so cute. I LOVE that Nate wrote "Mario" on his paper! What a crackup (and how clever).


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