And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Nate

7 years ago, we sung Happy Birthday to a beautiful baby boy while in the delivery room shortly after he was born.  I knew at that moment that God had blessed us with a very special baby boy.....and as the years have come and gone, God continues to reveal how truly unique our Nate is, and what a blessing he is to our family.  I dedicate this post to our son Nathan John who I love more than words could say....... eat peanut butter capt'n crunch every morning for breakfast are usually the first one of the kids up enjoy having a routine hate wearing socks take piano lessons and play very well get easily excited about things have a soft heart and get emotional when you see someone else upset enjoy your time with your big brother Noah, you think that he is very strong are the most literal thinker I know you mature, so does your sense of humor and I love it! pray everyday love your little sister and have a sweet relationship with her
(despite the moments when she gets on your nerves) would rather build with your legos than do anything else read to me every morning, and oh how I love to listen just started going to the "Dangerous Boys Club"...and you love it! think Luke is hilarious and are always laughing at what he says and does love to ride Noah's bike are very affectionate and very loving usually only drink water enjoy getting together with other families love, love, love to wrestle with your Daddy and brothers eat a peanut butter and jam sandwich are not aware that you have autism love having Noah for a big brother you get older you are becoming more rough and tumble
(and I'm still getting used to that)'ve never had a hamburger or hot dog in your life
(but have recently started eating chicken) are content and happy most days are a great big brother to Lauren and Luke

.....your favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate are very talented with legos and have a mild obsession with them love to play with the hose and pretend that it's raining on you have a nervous habit of biting/picking your lips are the only one of our lovies who has freckles like to check the weather, and get a little nervous during thunderstorms just had your first speech evaluation since we've moved to Indiana
(you may start to have speech therapy once a week) have one of the sweetest smiles that lights up your whole face love going to back to PA to visit family just put your blue blankie in Adam's crib, and said you wanted your baby brother to have it
(one of the sweetest things ever)

.....your favorite color is green

.....your favorite shirt is your tie-dye tell me you love me everyday and let me hold you close are a whiz on the computer, and love to play lego games or look at legos online love babies and like to hold them and get in their face
(well actually you told me that you love "cute" babies.....I sure hope Adam is cute!)

.....your favorite band is the Good Shepherd Band

You are my sweet boy and I am so very thankful to be your mama. As I look back to all of the heartache and challenges God has got us through.....and I am seeing and experiencing the beautiful person He is molding you to be.  You have taught me about life and passion more than anyone I know.  You hide nothing and you know who you have always marched to the beat of your own drum, and I deeply respect that.  As each year passes I am in awe at the work God is doing in you....and I will continue to pray that you would grow in your faith and knowledge of Jesus....and that someday you will love Him more than you love legos....which is alot.

Happy Birthday Nate
I Love You,

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