And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Adventurous Side........

Jared and the older two boys were excited to take their little sister, brother and I to a special place the three of them had been the day before. My kids are natural born explorers and I so love that about their personalities. Curiosity is such  an amazing thing in the life of a child.....(unless your Curious George and always wind up getting into trouble)

A view of the farmhouse while we looked back from the pretty. I never saw it from here before, (as there is usually multiple feet of snow or cows grazing here)

I am really going to miss this mountain view when we move from New England. We are really trying to just take it all in and burn this beauty into our memory.

Of course Noah and Nate have to be miles in front of their pokey parents....however, in our defense we were carrying a couple of precious pieces as the stroller would not make it in these parts.

Is that flowing water we see???
(One handed shot...Lukey is in my arms and I am in over a foot of snow....I have mad skill{grin}

Jared graciously leads all of the lovies near the waters edge....well...I guess Noah was the leader in this picture....(as usual)

Just couldn't resist a pic with sweet. Jared loves these kind of family outings.....and I love that about him.

And there's  me and my lovies taking a second to pose as we sink into the mud....literally.

Ahem.....does this remind you of anyone? If not you'll change your mind in the next few photos.

My sweet girl....very delicate, and yet isn't afraid to get all.

Daddy hanging out with "the Littles"...our name for the Lauren and Luke duo.

Yes...her face is way dirty and normally I would stop to give a quick spit wash....but hey we were in the woods people....and I'm looking, not quite sure a spit wash would do the job anyway. So just enjoy her sweetness, dirty face and all.

My big boys....everyone else was excluded from this pic because this huge rock they are sitting on is guarded by a moat of thick mud....I'll just take the picture thank you. do you see who Lauren reminds me of?

Definitely the adventurer of the family...the daring one, the one willing to take the most risks, the one who gets hollered at for giving me a heart attack for his ambitious hiking ideas....that's my Noah.

My does this guy love to get dirty. He is never far behind his brother, but thankfully he exercises a bit more caution than Noah.....and this mama is very grateful for that.

I have to say that this is one of my favorite pics of our baby and the love of my life.

After our hike out of the woods it was time for a water break and a little snack....granola bars and graham crackers.....yum-o!

And just look who is in the front once again....I love that kid!

My hero!

 (Jared and I both have pretty significant upper respiratory illnesses and our lungs were burning by the time we made it home...sounds weird, but it was worth it)

Well there you have it. Peaking into an afternoon with our crew. Hope you all enjoyed the journey.



  1. Babe, those pictures turned out awesome! Thanks for posting so was a great weekend to remember! Love you!

  2. Capturing memories is such a blessing for me. Thank you for loving us and being such a wonderful example to our you deeply enjoy spending time with your family and make us a priority. I love you so much.

  3. Pictures really do say a 1000 words! :)


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