And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Capturing one of Life's Precious Moments.....

 Earlier today I was cleaning up the kitchen when an excited Nate came bursting through the door....muddy shoes and all. 

 "Here for you!!!"

"They're so beautiful Mom!"

I was completely taken by surprise as my heart gushed.

I quickly came around the island and gave Nate a big hug. We put the flowers up to our noses and took in a deep breath.  The boys often request that I put the flowers in my a few always go into my locks.

I grabbed a juice glass from the cupboard, filled it with water and put them in....even though there were barely any stems. Nate loved how they looked in the "vase".

That was the first of many flower picking trips for Nate today.....right through the kitchen into my hand....and he always had the same excitement. I just didn't have it in me to scold him for the mud he was tracking in.

These set of photos were captured as I was standing out on the porch with my camera, (as I often do.)  Nate was still lovingly picking these pretties to be put in the vase. I made him stop so I could capture his glad I did. 

I had to smile as I remember the time when Nate was almost 3.  His speech/language therapist, Nate and I  went for a walk. She tried the entire time to get Nate to give me a flower....his language was significantly delayed and he had a hard time understanding that simple concept.  She would put a flower in his little chubby hand and say..."Ok Nate, now give this flower to Mommy." It took over an hour and much patience, but Nate finally gave me that flower...oh how I wish I had that flower.

But since that day, Nate has given me many flowers and I think that it is just the sweetest thing.  He has come such a long way on this journey that he is on. There are days where I feel like he's regressed, (usually emotionally) and I get discouraged.....but I don't stay in that place for long. Nate is growing.....and as he grows he becomes more beautiful to is amazing to see God at work in this little guys heart. I have so much hope for my son.....and I will always look forward to the flowers.


  1. Love this post, the flowers, and the endearing pics of Nate. He has such great eye contact w/ you and the camera too!

  2. Love Nate! And the last picture is my favorite!! GOD knew what HE was doing when HE gave you Nate!! You are the best Mama!


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