And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Resurrection Day!

I hope you all had a special Easter this year. We really enjoyed this beautiful day. It was just the six of us this year....which is a bit unusual. If we aren't back in PA with our family we would get together with our close friends who live up here, (who we consider family).

After having a rough month battling RSV (respiratory virus) and pneumonia that swept through our entire household....we decided it would be best not to "share" our lovely germs. So it was just us this year. But it was really special.

Our last Easter in New England.....everything is the we will be moving in 3 short months! But that is a whole different blog post....and it makes me all emotional, so we'll stick to the cute pictures of the lovies enjoying this most glorious day...n'kay.

It was a day of celebration.....rejoicing that our Savoir has risen! Knowing that Christ took on the punishment that we should have received.....God sending His one and only Son...because He loves The most beautiful blessing one could Ever enjoy. If there is one nugget that we try help our children understand is God's amazing grace....something Jared and I are still learning about....and becoming more in awe of our Holy God as our journey continues.

So the first four photos are of the kids getting their Easter baskets, which they had to find, (all but Luke of course).  We don't do the whole Easter Bunny bit, the kids know that it is their mama who fills the baskets.....however, hunting for Easter baskets Easter morning is a tradition from my childhood that I want to carry on with my children.

Along with the candy, (which I have to have Jared hide from me...sad I know...I'm just so weak), each of the lovies received new Bibles. Their current ones have been loved on alot, and  the binding is completely falling new Bibles it is....and from their reactions I'm pretty sure that we had some happy little kiddos.

There is just something awesome when a kid lights up and hugs his new Bible.  Even little Lukey got his first Bible....he is so cute...he absolutely loves it. Has been playing with it all day and hasn't eaten it or ripped a page yet!


After church we came home and spent pretty much the rest of the afternoon outside. The kids had a blast on the Easter Egg Hunt....more candy....woot woot!



I had to sneak a photo of my handsome hub in here. He wore the tie that Noah got him for Christmas today....Noah noticed it right away.....and was so happy that his Dad was wearing a gift that he had picked out for him.

We had a nice meal together....even though the kids were filthy from being outside. I didn't mind...we were sitting around the table together. We ended the evening with a family devotion that Noah led by reading John 20.....from his new Bible.

We put 4 very tired little lovies to bed. 

Much love to you all who are miles away and who we miss very much. 

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  1. your day sounds and looks wonderfully blessed!! wish we were closer!


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