And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

4 Little Lovies....soon to be 5!

Just came across these photos of our 4 from a couple of weeks ago, and got to thinking that in just a couple of weeks when we take a group photo of our lovies we will have 5!

Adam's due date in on the 21st of this month, and to say that we are all excited is an understatement. At our last appointment, the ultrasound revealed that our little man is about 8 lbs. already, so most likely I will not go far past my due date.

Noah has been begging me to not exclusively nurse Adam, so that he would be able to bottle feed him. He was trying to pull the guilt trip on me, reminding me that he was never able to enjoy feeding Luke because he was never given a bottle. I offered him the joy of changing diapers, but he was not as enthused at this part of caring for our new baby. 

I have a feeling that Noah is going to step right up and care for this baby, like he has with all of the others. Seeing a tenderness from him holding a newborn is like nothing else. He gets very protective and is very proud to be the biggest brother. These are some of the moments that I am looking forward to.

Luke has already expressed an interest in wrestling with Adam....hmmm, we are definitely going to have to set some ground rules for our eager two year old.  Hopefully he will be a gentle giant and love on his baby brother with a sweetness that only Luke could give. When he kisses my belly he often says, "You growin' strong in there."

Nate is still telling me that he "really" wants baby Adam to look just like him. I just have to smile at his comments, wondering why this means so much to him.  He is one to kiss my belly, especially in the evening while putting the kids to bed.  He tells me everyday that baby Adam is growing as he sees my belly expand.  Nate asks me if my belly is heavy, and I answer with a big "Yes it is!"  Nate has a sort of obsession with babies, so I am eager to see his excitement in having one of his very own, actually living in the same house as him.

Lauren is nesting right along with me. Her favorite thing to do is sort Adam's baby clothes, as she has been helping me with the laundry and organizing his things. Just the other day, she and Luke had baby dolls up their shirts, telling each other to feel their baby was so cute. (Of course Noah just rolls his eyes when Luke plays dolls with his big sis.) Lauren is the most loving to Adam, always talking to, kissing and rubbing my belly. She'll just come in the kitchen while I'm doing something, give my belly a quick peck and be on her way. And I have no doubt that this little mama will smother her new baby with love.....she has already made certain that I am going to "share" Adam with her.

Jared is gearing up to be a Daddy once again. He rubs my belly often and will even give me a break and hold underneath it for a few minutes.  He actually thinks my gigantic belly is humorous for some reason, and often laughs when he realizes that even the simple task of picking something up off of the floor, or getting out of a chair is challenging. Of course he is right there to help me in any way he can, often telling me that I am beautiful, (he always knows what to say.)  He has enjoyed this pregnancy, and is in awe, just as I am, that God has blessed us with another life that has been growing inside of me.  The best moment for me is when I get to hold my baby immediately after giving birth, a close second is seeing my husband cradle our newborn in his arms for the first time...I can't wait!

I have a "Before baby To-Do" List that I am chipping away at. It feels good getting organized....and exhausting at the same time. I have had a really peaceful pregnancy overall, only battling heart-burn and some lower belly pain recently....which is common in all of my pregnancies.  I am enjoying each and every movement and can hardly wait to hold this little guy in my arms.  I have been lifting up prayers to God for the health and safety of our baby.....knowing that Adam is in God's hands. I have also been praying for a smooth transition for our family, and that He will give me strength to be a good mama to this little one. I know the challenges of caring for a newborn, namely the sleep deprivation and exhaustion that is just a part of this season.....but having done this 4 times before I know how essential it is to embrace even the sleepless nights with my baby, because before I realize it, the newborn stage will be over. I don't want the first few months to be a blur, but I want to soak it all in....the whole experience of being a mama to another little person.

We will keep you all  posted on the upcoming weeks as we prepare for lovie #5.....and I think I have figured out a new name for my'll just have to wait and see!

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