And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Lauren.....

 Two years ago on this very day God blessed our family with a very special little girl.  Lauren, you have brought our family more joy than words could express. I want to take this moment to share some things about you......things that make mama smile..... wear a bow in your hair everyday, (we call it a hair pretty) are a total Daddy's girl (and he rubs it in all of the time) love for us to compliment you after you get dressed love to dance and lately I have been hearing your sweet voice singing like to wear everyone else's shoes love to be read to and love books in general prefer milk as your drink of choice say, "it's soooo good" while making the most adorable face love to "do school" just like your big brothers sleep in a toddler bed that is pushed up against your Daddy's side of the bed are a combination of sweet and sassy remind us to pray like to talk on the phone call your baby brother Luke "Wookie" love to help mama clean (folding laundry and sweeping the kitchen) love to wear necklaces have a little pink silky bear that you call "Bo", and a fluffy brown dog that you call "Woof" and you never go to bed without either of them still use a nucki and we are always losing them love to play with your baby dolls have recently started watching Care Bear movies and also Toy Story 3 love your big brothers and like to cuddle with them love to draw (mostly different size circles) call your Aunt Nikki "Picky Nicky" after your favorite book have to have your "own" Bible during our family devotions have the biggest blue eyes have the cutest giggle and are very ticklish make us laugh everyday remind us of God's blessings every time we look at your sweet face


  1. Newbie follower here! :)

  2. ummm... you forgot to add "you are gorgeous" !! hey, lukie is getting a lot of hair! so cute ;) hope she had a great day! talk to you this week?!? :)


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