And He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Friday, September 23, 2011

An Afternoon with 4 little lovies.....

I was hoping to be posting on my blog more often through the week....but the time is literally whizzing by.  We have just finished our second week of school, and the preparation is very time consuming for me.....but I am hoping to get into a groove in the near future, and I am looking forward to sharing more about our life here in Indiana. 

I realized that I had not even shared photos of our back yard! For those of you who would like to know where our lovies romp around during their days....I included some photos I took this afternoon....hope it gives you an idea.

Luke loves his new surroundings....lots of room for him to explore....and I love the fact that our yard is completely fenced in. The previous owner left their play-gym behind and it was just perfect for our gave them something to play on since their play-gym was in pieces on the side of the house begging to be put together.  The plan is to put up our play-gym tomorrow. In the photo below is a part of the deck.

We've decided not to take down the play-gym that was already here. It is much older, but the kids have a blast on we'll leave it as is and let them enjoy!

Here is another angle....that little house looking thing was here as well...not quite sure what it was used for, but the kids sure enjoy playing in it.

And next we have a little nosy curious and very friendly neighbor girl. Lauren is so cute....she is always saying "Hello" to everyone she sees, and has a list of neighbors that she prays for everyday.....and we can't just say "neighbors"...she has to say each of their names!

Luke's new love is "the slide"......and of course he has to climb up it instead of using the ladder....wonder where he gets that from...(cough-Noah-cough)....I am so subtle.

It is so nice that they can run and play and that the fence marks their boundaries, and I don't have to worry about anyone going onto the road or wandering off. It is not the private seclusion that we were used to and loved....however, having a fenced in back yard does have it's perks....that's for sure, especially for where we are in this season of our life.

I know Lauren's  face looks like she is mighty nervous to be on the swing....but I can assure you, there are no ill nerves there.....she keeps saying, "Higher Mama...higher!" And I tell her that I am not ready to push her higher....I have finally recovered from the emotional trauma of her legs being broken! (On a quick side note...Lauren legs are healing and she is walking and running! Her posture and walk are still a bit awkward, but she is continuing to improve. She is seeing the orthopedic specialist on Monday to check on her progress....Thank you Lord for her recovery!)

And the newly turned six-year-old who is in desperate need of a his defense Nate really was having a bad hair day today!  He and Noah try to see who can swing the highest....then they jump off....of course. I have just learned to look the other way.....Jared has assured me that they will be it a coincidence that I have found a few new gray hairs recently?

And of course the tree climber. Noah climbs, then relaxes for a bit on his favorite limb. I am an avid encourager of exploration, playing in dirt and good ol' fashioned tree climbing. And I am happy to say that Noah is an expert in each one of these activities.

Of course Nate is not too far behind his big brother.

So there you have it....a little bit of our yard and a little bit of our life here in these parts. When we are not in the back yard you will find us taking walks around the neighborhood....actually I push the "Littles" in the stroller and Noah and Nate ride along side on their bikes.

I love being with my kids.....I really truly love the moments I have been blessed to share with each of them.....trying to savor all of the little moments that make up our life together...even just the simple playing in the back yard moments.  Moments that I hope to never take for granted....but hope to cherish in my heart knowing that my lovies are an immeasurable blessing from God.

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